The world's largest consumer fair for archery

30 Nov - 01 Dec 2024

We are the creators of PaderBow, Europe's largest archery fair in Paderborn.

With the FreiBow, we want to approach the region with the most archers even more internationally.
We want to extend the reach of archery in Central Europe and offer all archery and outdoor enthusiasts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy an interesting platform to experience their hobby and passion even more.
We are also endeavouring to introduce new people to archery.

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Not only manufacturers and dealers of traditional and modern archery products are represented at the trade fair:

We also offer interesting lectures by well-known international archers.

FreiBow exhibition video


6000 m2
Exhibition Area

Big Catering Area

Traditional & Modern archery

Indoor 3D Parcours

Lecture hall with 400 m2
4 Conference Rooms with a total of 300 m2

Own Exhibition Tournament

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The world's largest consumer fair
for Archery 30 Nov - 01.12.2024